Beadboard Bathroom – Styling Ideas for Modernized Beadboard Look

Beadboard bathroom use beadboard paneling which is one of most traditional wood paneling styles. Although it has been used for a long time, until now the beadboard is still interesting in the society. Many styles are created through the use of these beadboard ideas. If it feels lost to look for the best design, for inspiration about styling beadboard paneling in the bathroom, here are the answers.

Styling Bathroom with Beadboard Bathroom Ideas

One design that looks nice in beadboard bathroom is cottage style. No one guess if white beadboard to coat the built-in bathtubs, half wall, and an open ceiling looks attractive to be combined with black walls. Add black marble floor tiles and chandeliers for a luxury taste. Appealing motif of the beadboard is also seen in the simple concept bathroom in clean white. The panel could help the room to look more textured.

To change the beadboard paneling appearance to be more modern and contemporary, keep it in simple white design then combine it with cool gray or light blue colors which is used the contemporary item to upgrade the beadboard look. In addition, use patterned floor tiles also to help create the look of beadboard to be cooler in the beadboard bathroom.