DIY Bathroom Remodel: Simple, Easy and Quick!

DIY bathroom remodel below might help you to remodel your bathroom which comes in a small space. The steps are simple. It is perfect for heavily used, old, as well as small bathroom which you could never get clean enough. Here, the tricks are not only using the room as easy-to-clean bathroom, but also it uses mirrors in order to make it feel much larger. Let’s start it.

Create Your Own Small Bathroom Remodel

Are you ready to make your old boring and crowded small bathroom into the new one? Here we go. The first step of having remodel of bathroom is to install the preassembled glass blocks window. You can actually have a window in the shower in your bathroom which will stand up for water. The second DIY bathroom remodel step is to replace the bathtub with spacious shower. What is simple can be 1 piece shower pan. It is also the solution for leak proof.

The next bathroom remodel idea for a small bathroom is to install wall hung toilet which has state of art residential as well as install a sink. Have some fewer corners which are dirt catching as well as the edges that simplify the floor cleaning. So, this DIY bathroom remodel will help you make 6×8 feet bathroom look larger. Happy remodeling!