Contemporary bathroom is the favorite design of bathroom in many modern households. Contemporary design is maximizing the functionality and the efficiency of the design. You can create this bathroom using some decorating elements which look contemporary. There are some characters of contemporary design that you can use in your own bathroom. You can get the bathroom design you desire by decorating the bathroom based on your choice.

If in past people are used to install bathroom sliding door only in their bathroom, people today can install sliding doors anywhere, that’s why sliding doors are now gaining more fans. If the oldest sliding door for your house is your bathroom sliding door, you need to follow our instructions to take care for that door so you don’t have to replace it but extending its lifetime.

One of assorted ways to make a bathroom looks more impressive is by using the right bathroom lighting. Speaking about lighting for bathroom there are various options. If you’re looking for lighting you can mount on the ceiling of your bathroom, there are recessed cans, chandeliers, ceiling fans that are completed with lights, pendant lighting, also track lighting. If you want something special, try table lamps, floor lamps, or wall sconces.

Many people said that white is the best color for small rooms, including small bathroom; that’s why homeowners of small bathrooms decide to use white tile bathroom. Unfortunately, the white tiles that cover small bathroom walls and floor make the room looks boring. In order to make the white bathroom looks more stunning, we only need to use tiles in another color between the white bathroom tiles. Check out our ideas below.