Ruffled Curtains Inspirations to Decorate Your Interior Rooms

Introduce a delicate look and feel to your room by hanging the ruffled curtains. Such window treatment has its own unique appeal that can always boost the appearance of the room while providing you the shade and protection needed to keep the sunlight entering the room filtered and your privacy safe. You can also opt for the ruffled curtains DIY for a fun weekend project.

Lovely Ruffled Curtains

It seems like every room in your house is a great place to hang the ruffled curtains. Starting from the bedroom, nursery, to bathroom, see how the ruffled curtain designs can always easily steal any attention. With the unique look, this type of window treatment can make even a plain window even more attractive instantly.

As for the choice of material, anything light such as cotton and lace is often the popular choice for a ruffled curtain. This is probably to avoid the ‘heavy’ look that may make the room look less attractive. Apart from that, the ruffled detail is not only appealing to see on the curtains. Gorgeous ruffled curtains aside, the ruffles can also be incorporated to the window valance, making it a great choice to pair the traditional curtain design you may prefer using.