Swag Curtains Design Inspirations for Any Room in Your Home

The swag curtains are one of the various types of window treatments. You can use the swags alone or hang them along with the traditional curtains, window panels, or tiers. They can also be used in any room you like, such as in swag curtains for living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The swags have a distinct look featuring a long sidepieces hanging from the top of your window.

Swag Curtains Designs

As we have mentioned earlier, the swag curtains can be paired with other type of window treatment. Hanging swags and window curtains can add more texture in the room while creating the luxurious look and feel. The window sheers can also make a great choice to be paired with swags for a room where an abundance of natural light is what you want to enjoy without having to step outside your house.

Even if you only use the swags, it doesn’t mean the final result will be less attractive. Rather, if your window design already has an interesting architectural detail, you may want to let it stand out while decorating the window at the same time. The swag curtains can also be used to introduce a pop of color for a room decoration.