Just like the other ceiling designs, false ceiling of the design come with benefits and with disadvantages. You must know the entire benefits and disadvantages of false ceiling so you can compare this ceiling design with other ceiling designs and pick the best one for your interior. First benefit that homeowners will get when they use false ceiling in their interior is optimizing the use of their air conditioning system.

Assorted options of ceiling design can be so confusing, but let us focus on coffered ceiling of the design. Coffered ceiling usually is installed inside the houses. Compared to regular ceiling that gives flat look to our ceiling, the coffered ceiling will give depth feeling that makes the room looks more attractive. Advantages use of coffered ceiling will create the 3D look to our ceiling.

Pop ceiling of the design or plaster of france ceiling design actually is building material that the main component is gypsum. The plaster of Paris itself usually is used not only for coating the ceiling but also for coating the walls and for creating some architectural designs. The manufacturer of plaster or Paris manufactured it as dry powder then it will be mixed with the water in order to form paste when the plaster is going to be used.