Sliding Glass Doors’ Shine and How to Keep Them Sparkling

For modern houses, glass doors are the best option while for smaller modern house there are sliding doors. The transparency of sliding door with panel glass allows the sunlight to get into the room through the glass material of the door. And the sliding design of glass door allows us to open the door without taking too many spaces like the swing glass door.

Maintaining the Shine of Interior Sliding Glass Doors

If you already have some slide glass doors in your house, you must know the right ways to clean them. Cheapest way you must know to clean the slide glass doors is using newspaper and plain water. Avoid dripping on your clean glass by start cleaning at top of sliding glass door then work downward. First apply the water with sponge or using window wand you can get at some hardware stores.

Now pick up enough water in order to wet your sliding glass door but avoid drenching it. Next rub your slide glass door using the wadded up newspaper and keep rubbing until you dry your slide glass doors.If you need to clean some spots, add about 250 milliliters of white vinegar also one squirt of the dishwashing liquid into four liters of water then use the liquid to clean your sliding glass doors.

The shine of slide glass doors is not immortal; we need to maintain it or the shine will be gone. Here are formulas to maintain the glass doors’ shine.