Room Divider IKEA Ideas and Hacks for Your Creative DIY Solution

Today, we will take you to see the awesomely cool room divider IKEA hacks you will never want to miss. These room divider IKEA ideas are great for you who want to get truly creative in creating sections in your living space, even if you are living in a small one such as studio apartment. Well, without further ado, here they are!

Room Divider IKEA Hacks

As you can see, these room divider IKEA inspirations are brilliantly created from any of IKEA furniture pieces that can also be transformed into a space divider. The most popular example is to arrange storage units carefully to double as room divider at the same time, such as by using a freestanding cabinet or wardrobe to serve as a bedroom partition, keeping the sleeping area secluded from the public area. The same idea can also be found in the use of cubbies or open shelving units to also serve as a space partition in a room.

Even so, IKEA storage units are not the only choice you have to create such multifunctional space divider. You can also find a great space divider idea that brilliantly uses IKEA’s headboard as one of the materials used to create a DIY divider. Well, if you still need more room divider IKEA ideas, check out the images below!