Juniper Bonsai: The Popular Evergreen Bonsai Option

There are various species of juniper bonsai you can find, such as the Chinese juniper, the Japanese juniper, the Japanese needle juniper, the savin, and the common junipers—the latter two are the two main European species. In total, there are approximately 50 to 70 species of juniper in the cypress family. Juniper itself is the evergreen coniferous shrubs or trees and popular for bonsai purposes.

About the Juniper Bonsai

The foliage colors of juniper bonsai range widely from light greens to dark blue-greens. The foliage itself can be either needle-like or scale-like. The scale junipers typically have the needle-like foliage called juvenile foliage when they’re young. After bending or heavy pruning, overwatering or any kind of stress, the juvenile foliage often will regrow. The plant itself can last several years until the scale-like foliage finally grows so the needle-like one can be finally removed.

In terms of juniper bonsai care, bear in mind that juniper cannot live in an indoor environment. It always needs lots of sunlight, so place it outside throughout the year. Protect the plant once the winter comes and the temperature falls below 14 degrees F (-10 C). Watering the juniper bonsai should be performed very carefully as you shouldn’t water the plant hates the soil wetness.