Succulent Terrarium with Easy Planting Steps for You

Succulent terrarium is one kind of plant which is suitable for desert ecology concept. It is suitable for those who like the charm of dessert beauty rather than tropical or the other concepts. In addition provide stunning visual than cactus, the succulent plant is also easy to maintain. What possibly causes the plant to die is due to too much water. Because the succulent live in a dry environment, the roots are very sensitive to the bacteria if the soil is too wet.

Easy Succulent Terrarium Planting

Preparations that are needed to be done to plant the succulent terrarium is a vessel, pea gravel, succulent soil mix, decorative rocks and gravel, and it is certainly the succulent plants. Add pea gravel as the base with thick layer. Make sure the pea gravel is clear and so it is free of bacteria. Next, add mix soil of the plant then add another thick gravel base to emphasize layers’ gradation of the soil. Have fun with the succulent decoration. Put the plants in accordance with the desired decoration.

The next step on how to make a terrarium is make a small hole in the layer of soil and then put some kind of succulents in accordance to the desired position. Sprinkle some decorative rocks as a finishing touch so that the top layer looks more attractive and beautiful. Use low flow watering sprout for watering plants and water it slowly to the succulent terrarium.