Terrarium Plants with List of Popular Plants to Choose

Terrarium plants are a new hobby that could be introduced, including for children. Terrarium is an art of planting and decorating by using a transparent container such as an aquarium. This activity could be an alternative for the decoration of indoor and outdoor spaces. Terrarium is actually not only for the flora but also fauna for those who like to keep small animals such as turtles, frogs, and others. Ecology concept that wants to be presented will affect the plants selection for terrarium.

9 Popular Terrarium Plants

Because the planting media is limited, not all plants can be used as terrarium plants. Some plants that popular is spider fern. Visually, this plant has leaves that are attractive with a glossy texture. In addition, the plant is able to survive in low light too. Next, there is starfish plant that has interesting colors such as white, maroon to dark green. The color can change according to the light intensity that it obtained.

The next is nerve plants with a very beautiful leaf color which is a combination of green and burgundy. Moreover, using leafy plants such as golden clubmoss looks fresh in the container. For the ecology of the desert, it is more appropriate to use a cactus and succulent terrarium. Other plants such as orchids, anthurium, and bonsai plants can also complete the collection of the terrarium plants.